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For over 50 years we have been producing furniture and furnishing accessories in a classic and modern style to satisfy every taste and furnishing need with the elegance of Made in Italy

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Visit our collections: modern finishes with an antique flavor, classic but contemporary colors, infinite ideas for every taste and furnishing need, passion and attention to detail.

Welcome to IDEA LIVING

credenza classica contemporanea

The result of 50 years of experience is the large and accurate collection of small classic and rustic style furniture, made in various finishes to create harmonious spaces with an antique flavor in every home. timeless emotion. Coffee

tables, hall furniture, consoles and mirrors, display cabinets and crystal cabinets, sideboards, tables and chairs, TV stands, modular living rooms, desks and bookcases, wardrobes and chest of drawers give life to a collection that expresses the elegance and refinement of 'Italian craftsmanship.

The elegance of the classic is reflected in a contemporary style to convey the warmth and charm of wood in modern environments. The workmanship of expert craftsmen blend with innovation of Made in Italy design, creating modern refinements and soft lines for living room furniture, dining rooms, bedrooms, entrances and numerous furnishing accessories.

The collection of modern furnishing accessories represents our all-Italian proposal for the needs of modern living, to create simple, functional and trendy furnishing solutions. It includes coffee tables, coat hangers and hall furniture, cupboards, mirrors and shelves, display cabinets and bookcases, TV stands, dressers, shoe racks, multipurpose furniture and more.

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Wide choice of tables and chairs in wood and metal, suitable for the home or for

contract. To complete a selection of armchairs and upholstery that can also be made in combination with our furniture withvarious finishes and fabrics.


Some of our classic furniture are covered in a retro style adapted in a modern key. An ancient beauty that comes to life in today's home with light or pastel shades, natural wood colors, to give a romantic and fascinating atmosphere.

Shabby chic, Provencal, vintage, industrial: styles increasingly in vogue where every single piece of furniture becomes the protagonist of the home in a timeless form of furniture.

Objects and accessories for the home, decorations of various styles to personalize any environment and make it unique and comfortable. Proposals in continuous evolution of objects of great effect, functional accessories to which are added unique pieces finished in an artisanal way or du urban recycling, a meeting between ideas and suggestions, inspirations and creativity, passion and skills. For a home fullof details to admire!


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